We Are Smith Assembly


Our two female founders met in 2018 while volunteering in Botswana.

They’ve both dedicated their careers to design. Through Smith Assembly, they want to share with you what they’ve learned about the magic of learning, working, and playing together — especially how hands-on building activities deepen human connection.




Liz Hunt


I want to be an astronaut. Seriously. One of the people I admire most is Katherine Johnson, the mathematician and technologist whose calculations were integral to the success of NASA's Mercury, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs. She was one of the women featured in the film Hidden Figures. Brilliant, brave, and despite overwhelming obstacles became a hero. I’m sad to say I didn’t know about her while I was a student. I was almost always the only woman in the classroom, and frequently experienced bias and discrimination from my professors and classmates. It would have been so comforting and inspiring to have known about her sooner, but she serves a constant source of inspiration for me today. I’ve applied to NASA’s astronaut program twice, but until they get their act together and invite me to join, I’ll continue doing the work I love in engineering and design.

Space exploration requires courage, creativity, curiosity, and a deep and diverse skill set. As an entrepreneur, these are all things I bring to Smith Assembly. During my 25-year career, at startups and companies like Google and frog, I’ve grown amazing teams, delivered hundreds of cutting-edge web, desktop, mobile, and embedded solutions, released dozens of websites and mobile apps, and launched many products.

I always advocate for the best interests of our clients, our team, and the environments we work in. Nature is something I care deeply about, and I always want to make sure it’s protected and cared for in the work we do.

“I have an aerospace engineering degree, so sometimes joke that I’m a blonde rocket scientist.”

Ta Corrales

Co-Founder & CPO

Social innovation, movement, and rhythm. These are the tenants of my life, literally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I was raised in a household of feminist women, in my home of Heredia, Costa Rica. They fought, and continue to fight, for women’s rights, gender equality, and the rights of vulnerable peri-urban communities. My passion for social justice is fueled by that upbringing from those amazing women, especially my grandmother, Marta Campos Mendez, whose tireless work for the women and workers of my country is a constant source of inspiration for me and my desire to help build a better world.

Movement has been a cornerstone of my life. Initially taking me from Costa Rica to MIT for my education as a mechanical engineer and then around the world for the work I do. Movement has facilitated the great diversity of people with whom I’ve collaborated, the continuum of perspectives from which I’ve learned, and the various teams that I have organized and led, and the diversity of projects I’ve worked on. I’ve built pedal powered machines in indigenous communities without electricity or running water and developed patented catalysts in a state-of-the-art European research laboratory. This is some of the most valuable experience I bring to Smith Assembly.

I play with, practice, and teach Latin rhythms and dance. Expressing this side of myself fuels the creativity for everything else I do in life. The rhythms of my artistic dance movement allow for ease and flow into the vast amount of travel that I do and help keep me grounded in all my work, from sustainable technological innovation to justice work. I am never happier than when I am dancing.

“Creating is a way to extract and share the wonders of our humanity with others.”


We Love Global Innovation

Smith Assembly donates 5% of our revenue to nonprofits selected by our global innovators in order to amplify the positive impact they have in their communities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We’re also committed to supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on: GOAL 5: Gender Equality, GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, and GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities. The policies we enact and the metrics we measure ourselves against are aligned with B Lab’s SDG Action Manager.

Let’s Build Together


Unlock the power of human connection through building.

Learn how our workshops strengthen your team’s 21st century skills.


To support the home-based, remote, and/or distributed ways you and your teams are now working, we’re creating a series of online workshops so you can emcee your own cross-cultural experience. We’ll resume hosting onsite workshops once pandemic-related safety protocols and restrictions on gatherings are no longer necessary.