Our Workshops Help You Connect With Colleagues & Experience Inclusion

  • We Offer Options For Remote, Hybrid, & In-Person Teams
  • Our Online & Onsite Events Are 1 - 4.5 Hours
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Smith Assembly's hands-on, cross-cultural, and impactful workshops are ideal for building connections in hybrid and remote teams.

During our workshops, you’ll connect with colleagues and learn about the lives/communities of innovators from around the world while listening to music, watching videos, doing a hands-on arts-and-crafts activity they co-designed for you, and/or participating in a reflection on JEDI.

Each workshop is an incredibly interesting experience that encourages you and your team to engage, open up, and build. Something special happens when you spend time interacting with your colleagues in different ways, especially when you’re also doing something tactile or kinesthetic. Having fun together in one of our immersive team building events boosts camaraderie between you and your teammates and forges bonds across gender, race, ethnicity, age, and org chart.

All of our workshops are co-designed by and feature one or more grassroots innovators from Oaxaca Mexico, include a hands-on activity or icebreaker, and are appropriate for group sizes of 2 to 300+. They’re live-facilitated by a member of our staff online via Zoom (or your preferred conference call platform). The date and time of your team building workshop will be coordinated between your team and ours.

Overview of Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Fantastic Creatures
Hands-On Activity

Create A Creature Inspired By Oaxacan Alebrijes
Estrella Soto
Icebreaker + Beginner Level Arts-and-Crafts
1 - 2.5 Hours
Overview of Grandpa’s Toys Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Grandpa’s Toys
Hands-On Activity

Build Two Toys Created By A Oaxacan Family
Enoc Ramírez
Icebreaker + Intermediate Level Arts-and-Crafts
1 - 2.5 Hours
Overview of JEDI Reflection Via Case Studies (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

JEDI Reflection
Case Studies

Create Common Language Through Global Case Studies
Hands-On Icebreaker + Overview of JEDI, Global Case Study, & Guided Discussions
1 - 2 Hours
Guided Discussions
Overview of JEDI Reflection Via Global Innovators’ Stories (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

JEDI Reflection
Global Innovators’ Stories

Create Common Language Through Innovators’ Stories
Estrella Soto & Enoc Ramírez
Hands-On Icebreaker + Overview of JEDI, Stories from Global Innovators, & Guided Discussions
1 - 2 Hours
Guided Discussions
Overview of Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Hands-On Activity + JEDI Reflection

Mix-and-Match To Craft Your Ideal Workshop
Your Choice
Icebreaker + 1 Arts-and-Crafts + 1 JED Reflection
2.5 - 4.5 Hours
TBD + Guided Discussions

Are you and your colleagues working together onsite at the office? All our team building workshops can also be configured for in-person teams.

Bespoke Workshops

We’re also happy to create the workshop of your dreams just for you. It can be derived from an option above, be based off of one of our in-progress maker style workshops (featuring power tools instead of arts-and-crafts supplies), or be created completely from scratch.


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We offer six team building workshops — Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity, Grandpa’s Toys Hands-On Activity, JEDI Reflection Case Studies, JEDI Reflection Global Innovators’ Stories, Hands-On Activity + JEDI Reflection, and Bespoke. All of our online workshops are ideal for hybrid and remote teams. They can also be configured as onsite workshops for in-person teams.


Are you interested in team building, but not sure which type of activity to choose? We compared our workshops with activities like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, cooking classes, pub games, sports, and experiences by locals. See how team building events compare for features like online options for remote teams, meaning and inspiration, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, social impact, skill development, and price.



Improve The Health Of Your Workplace Relationships

Nurturing Your Openness

Changing attitudes and behaviors requires freedom from judgement. Our workshops create a neutral and safe space where you and your team will feel comfortable being exposed to new concepts, experimenting with different techniques, and asking questions. When you use your hands during our meaningful activities, and share that experience with your colleagues, your minds and hearts will open further to new perspectives and ideas.

Building Your Compassion

Demystifying others has been shown to increase inclusion and belonging. During our workshops, you and your team will be introduced to one or two up and coming global innovators and hear stories about how they’re driving sustainable development in their communities. When you see the unique brilliance of the innovators and your colleagues in action, your compassion will build as well as your sense of inspiration.

Expanding Your Approach

Innovation is an iterative process and thrives when it's inclusive. Our diverse staff and global lens give you and your team an opportunity to casually observe and practice a variety of cross-cultural communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and product design techniques. You’ll see how we all sometimes make mistakes, then learn ways to acknowledge and overcome them. As you think more expansively, you’ll be better prepared for whatever comes your way.


We Build With You


Before every engagement, we get to know your team and workplace through a 1:1 session with you. The information you share with us about your team’s culture, strengths, weaknesses, and goals enables us to personalize your engagement.


The insights from our discovery process help us understand the challenges your team currently faces as well as how you envision future success. We then co-create a workshop and follow-up guide that fits your team's unique dynamics and needs.


During your personalized workshop, we facilitate an icebreaker and series of fun activities and/or discussions so your team engages on a deeper level. You strengthen relationships while observing and practicing a variety of more emotionally-intelligent and inclusive techniques.


We ensure you get the most value from your engagement by helping your team bring learnings back to the workplace. After your workshop, we’ll survey your team and provide you with a package of post-event bonus materials.


Inclusion Drives Success & Impact

Learn how Smith Assembly’s consulting services and workshops can help you and your team harness the art and practice of inclusive design.