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Diversity & Inclusion Training

Our diversity and inclusion training uses compelling content and stories about global innovation to provide you and your group with a meaningful education experience.

Team Building

Our team building uses hands-on arts-and-crafts and stories about global innovation to provide you and your group with a meaningful bonding experience.

Our Workshops

Overview of JEDI Reflection Via Case Studies (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

JEDI Reflection
Case Studies

Diversity & Inclusion Training
Create Common Language Through Global Case Studies
Hands-On Icebreaker + Overview of JEDI, Selected Global Case Study, & Guided Discussions
1 - 2 Hours
Guided Discussions
Overview of JEDI Reflection Via Global Innovators’ Stories (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

JEDI Reflection
Global Innovators’ Stories

Diversity & Inclusion Training
Create Common Language Through Innovators’ Stories
Estrella Soto & Enoc Ramírez
Hands-On Icebreaker + Overview of JEDI, Stories from Global Innovators, & Guided Discussions
1 - 2 Hours
Guided Discussions
Overview of Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Fantastic Creatures
Hands-On Activity

Team Building
Create A Creature Inspired By Oaxacan Alebrijes
Estrella Soto
Icebreaker + Beginner Level Arts-and-Crafts
1 - 2.5 Hours
Overview of Grandpa’s Toys Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Grandpa’s Toys
Hands-On Activity

Team Building
Build Two Toys Created By A Oaxacan Family
Enoc Ramírez
Icebreaker + Intermediate Level Arts-and-Crafts
1 - 2.5 Hours
Overview of Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity (To Compare With Other Smith Assembly Workshops)

Hands-On Activity + JEDI Reflection

Mix-and-Match To Craft Your Ideal Workshop
Your Choice
Icebreaker + 1 Arts-and-Crafts + Choice of 1 JEDI Reflection
2.5 - 4.5 Hours
TBD + Guided Discussions


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We offer two workshops for diversity and inclusion training (JEDI Reflection Case Studies & JEDI Reflection Global Innovators’ Stories), two for team building (Fantastic Creatures Hands-On Activity & Grandpa’s Toys Hands-On Activity), and a combo of both (Hands-On Activity + JEDI Reflection). All of our online courses are ideal for individuals with remote and hybrid working arrangements. Courses can also be scheduled onsite for in-person groups working at the office.


JEDI Is Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion training goes by many terms and/or abbreviations — D&I (Diversity and Inclusion), DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion), EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusion), and JEDI (Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion) tend to be the most common.

The term JEDI felt right to us. We believe it’s important to simultaneously talk about equity and justice (not focus solely on diversity and inclusion). No term is perfect. JEDI, for example, is associated with a well-known cultural brand. They've had numerous challenges in all four topic areas (especially when some of the most hardcore members of their fan base are involved). Some people see that association and history as a disqualifier. However, we see concrete examples as a great resource when sharing information and supporting initial conversations about sensitive topics like JEDI. It's often easier to look at how diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just other organizations are (rather than your own employees, management, or business).


Improve The Health Of Your Workplace Culture

We Nurture Your Openness

Changing attitudes and behaviors requires (at least temporary) freedom from judgement. Our facilitators establish a neutral environment so that you'll feel comfortable being exposed to new concepts, experimenting with different tools/techniques, and asking questions. You’ll see how we all sometimes make mistakes, then learn the best ways to acknowledge and overcome them. We also incorporate somatic activities, such as hands-on icebreakers and energizers, to further open your mind and heart to new ideas and viewpoints.

We Expand Your Perspective

Demystifying others has been shown to increase feelings of connection, inclusion, and belonging. Our diverse staff and global lens give you an opportunity to casually observe and practice a variety of intercultural communication, collaboration, and problem-solving techniques. During our workshops, you'll also be introduced to a global innovator or case study. You'll hear stories about how they’re overcoming bias and discrimination to develop innovative and sustainable strategies for their communities.

We Strengthen Your Connections

Connection — relationships with others and an internal sense of connectedness to others — is a fundamental human need. Creating small connections between employees and managers through common interests and shared experiences overcomes unconscious biases related to gender, age, race, and status differences. When present, connection helps people better understand one another and leads to more inclusive workplaces. Employees and leaders who feel very included are nearly three times as likely to feel excited by and committed to their company.


Connection is key to effective inclusion training and team building.

Healthy connections, like people, need consistent care and feeding to thrive. Connections are the lifeblood of successful cultures and businesses. We start with connection because it fosters inclusion, and inclusion empowers diverse thinking and produces more innovative solutions.

When’s the last time you and your colleagues gathered together for something other than work?

Strong connections and trust among employees, management, and leadership are integral to an organization's health, happiness, performance, and success. A regular cadence of accessible and impactful learnings and activities can foster feelings of connection, inclusion, engagement, and inspiration within your workplace.



Revolutionize Employee Engagement In Your Workplace

Smith Assembly will help you disrupt the status quo and cultivate a healthier workforce and culture. The value of our approach is in celebrating diversity and centering connection and inclusion. We show you how to evolve your communication and collaboration skills and your design and development practices to be more participatory and co-creative. Inclusive workplaces promote engagement, which markedly benefits productivity, retention, and financial performance. By learning how to fish so to speak, you can continue to drive success + impact long after our workshop ends.