Finding Connection & Meaning Through Building


We believe that embracing and empowering a breadth of perspectives results in better culture and better business.


Laying the Groundwork for Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Nurturing Your Openness

Changing attitudes and behaviors requires freedom from judgement. Our workshops create a neutral and safe environment where your team will feel comfortable being exposed to new concepts, experimenting with different techniques, and asking questions. When your team members use their hands during our meaningful activities and share that experience with their colleagues, their minds and hearts will open further to new perspectives and ideas.

Building Your Compassion

Demystifying others has been shown to increase inclusion and belonging. During our workshops, your team will be introduced to an up and coming global innovator and hear stories about how that person is driving sustainable development. When your team members see the unique brilliance of the innovator and their colleagues in action, their compassion will build and they’ll feel a greater value for the full spectrum of humanity.

Evolving Your Approach

Innovation is an iterative process and thrives when it's inclusive. Our diverse facilitators and global lens give your team an opportunity to casually observe and practice a variety of communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and product design techniques. They’ll see how we all make mistakes along the way, and learn ways to overcome them. As your team members think more expansively, they’ll be better prepared for whatever comes their way.


Ta welcomes a team during the kickoff of one of our in-person workshops.


We Build With You


Before every engagement, we get to know your team and workplace through a 1:1 session with you and a survey with your team members. The information you share with us about your culture, strengths, weaknesses, and goals enables us to personalize your experience.


The insights from our discovery process help us understand the challenges your team currently faces as well as how you envision future success. We then co-create a workshop and follow-up guide that fits your team's unique dynamics and needs.

3.Onsite WorkshopOnsite Workshop

During your personalized workshop, we facilitate an icebreaker and series of fun activities so your team engages on a deeper level. Your team members help each other build a cool object while observing and practicing a variety of more emotionally-intelligent and inclusive techniques.


We ensure you get the most value from your engagement by helping your team integrate what they learned into your workplace. After your workshop, we’ll survey your team and have another 1:1 session with you so we can create a personalized follow-up guide for your team.

Let’s Build Together


Unlock the power of human connection through building.

Learn how our workshops strengthen your team’s 21st century skills.


To support the home-based, remote, and/or distributed ways you and your teams are now working, we’re creating a series of online workshops so you can emcee your own cross-cultural experience. We’ll resume hosting onsite workshops once pandemic-related safety protocols and restrictions on gatherings are no longer necessary.