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Our Product & Program Consulting Services Drive Success + Impact

  • Need Help Solving Your Toughest Challenges?
  • Need To Learn The Latest Best Practices?
  • Need More Inclusive, Equitable, & Sustainable Offerings?


Smith Assembly specializes in working with diverse teams who create products* or programs* for multicultural users. Our Project-Based Co-Creation, As-Needed Consultation, and Interim Executive (Fractional CPO) consulting services build capacity, deliver incremental results, and provide meaningful outcomes.

* Products are physical or digital goods and services that an organization sells to its customers, while programs are services an organization provides to its employees.

Case Studies

How We Help You

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We Build Capacity, Deliver Incremental Results, & Provide Meaningful Outcomes

Smith Assembly helps you…

  • Get unstuck and solve specific problems
  • Troubleshoot cause of issue(s), then brainstorm and identify solution(s)
  • Increase engagement of employees, customers, and communities
  • Turbocharge inclusion and equity initiatives
  • Refresh and deepen subject matter expertise
  • Revolutionize design and development practices and other internal processes
  • Answer questions
  • Research specialized topics
  • Evaluate programs (or aspects of them)

We'd Love To Co-Create With You

Contact Us To Make Your Product Or Program Exceptional

Smith Assembly will help you disrupt the status quo and deliver exceptional offerings for your stakeholders and humanity. Our approach centers the people who create, use, and are affected by your product or program. Through consulting services and workshops, we show you how to revolutionize your organization's design and development practices to be more participatory and co-creative. That way, you can continue to drive success + impact long after our engagement ends.


What We Do

our 9-step iterative design process: 1. Identify; 2. Learn; 3. Brainstorm; 4. Prioritize; 5. Select; 6. Resolve; 7. Implement; 8. Test; 9. Release/Repeat

We Improve Your Offering

Business owners and leaders come to us when they feel concerned, stuck, or overwhelmed about their product or program. The problems they’re struggling with include…

  • Its success or impact is less than hoped
  • A feature isn't resonating with a specific group of users
  • Some aspect of it is considered exclusive or inequitable
  • It isn't sufficiently accessible, inclusive, usable, and sustainable
  • A stakeholder has asked for reassurance
  • Lack of internal support for accessibility, inclusion, usability, or sustainability functionality
  • Their organization lacks product or technology expertise

Smith Assembly's participatory and co-creative approach not only solves your pressing problems and improves your offerings, but also teaches you to fish (so to speak) so that you and your team can solve future challenges independently.

Depending on our client’s preferences, our engagements are structured as either fixed-fee Project-Based Co-Creation or time-and-materials As-Needed Consultation.

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We Temporarily Lead Your Team

Business owners and leaders come to us when they feel understaffed or outdated in product management. The problems they’re struggling with include…

  • Their founding team or C-Suite lacks product or technology expertise
  • Their organization needs temporary coverage for a departing product or technology leader

Depending on our client’s preferences, our Interim Executive (Fractional CPO) engagements are structured as fixed-fee or time-and-materials.

Our Approach


'Design By' is the best way to be inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Most organizations 'Design For' the users they're trying to engage or support. When they do so, without direct feedback from users, their products and programs often lack product-market fit. Some user-centered organizations 'Design With' the input or participation of the users they're trying to engage or support. If they didn't involve the right users in the right ways at the right times, their products and programs might also have product-market fit issues.

At Smith Assembly, we prefer co-creation – a process in which a product or program is 'Designed By' stakeholders, users, and communities to a meaningful extent. When organizations use this much more inclusive and participatory approach, and center all that experience and knowledge, solutions are more successful + impactful.

Why Clients Work With Us

Our Rare Expertise In Human-Centered Innovation

When you’re facing complex challenges, especially if the way you’ve always done things isn’t working as well as it used to, evolving your internal practices through human-centered innovation can be extraordinarily beneficial.

Through our consulting engagements, Smith Assembly solves your pressing problems and improves your offering. We guide the execution of your product or program and show you more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable approaches to design and development. Our staff gives you and your team the real-time feedback, recommendations, and support you need to feel confident you’ll succeed and have the desired impact. We also teach you and your team how to fish (so to speak), so that your organization can solve future challenges independently after our engagement ends.

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