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Revolutionize Your Design & Development Practices

Smith Assembly will help you disrupt the status quo and deliver exceptional products and programs for your stakeholders and humanity. The value of our approach is in centering the people who create, use, and are affected by your product or program. We show you how to evolve your organization's design and development practices to be more participatory and co-creative.


The best way to be inclusive, equitable, and sustainable is ‘Design By’.

Most organizations ‘Design For’ the users they’re trying to engage or support. When they do so, without any feedback directly from users, their products and programs often lack product-market fit. Some user-centered organizations ‘Design With’ the input and/or participation of the users they’re trying to engage or support. If they didn't involve the right users in the right ways at the right times, their products and programs might also have product-market fit issues.

At Smith Assembly, we prefer co-creation – a process in which a product or program is to a meaningful extent ‘Designed By’ stakeholders, users, and communities. When organizations use this much more inclusive and participatory approach, and center all their experience and knowledge, solutions are more successful + impactful.



We Improve Your Product* Or Program*

Business owners and leaders come to us when they’re feeling concerned, stuck, or overwhelmed about their product or program. The problems they’re struggling with include…

  • Its success or impact is less than hoped

  • A feature isn’t resonating with a specific group of users

  • Some aspect of it is considered exclusive or inequitable

  • It isn’t sufficiently accessible, inclusive, usable, and/or sustainable

  • A stakeholder has asked for reassurances

  • Lack of internal support for accessibility, inclusion, usability, and/or sustainability functionality

  • Their organization lacks product and/or technology expertise

Smith Assembly’s participatory and co-creative approach not only solves your pressing problems and improves your products and programs, but also teaches you to fish so to speak so that you and your team can solve future challenges on your own.

* Products are physical or digital goods and/or services that an organization sells to its customers, while programs are services provided by an organization to its employees.

We Lead Product Or Technology In Your Organization

Business owners and leaders come to us when they feel understaffed in product and/or technology. The problems they’re struggling with include…

  • Their founding team or C-Suite lacks product or technology expertise

  • Their organization needs temporary coverage for a departing product or technology leader