We Help You Deliver Exceptional Products For Your Stakeholders & Humanity


Business owners and leaders come to us when they’re feeling concerned, stuck, or overwhelmed about their product — when it, or one of its features, isn’t functioning as intended or isn’t as successful or impactful as hoped. Other times, it’s when they’re surprised to discover that their feature or product isn’t resonating with a specific group of their customers and thus isn’t having the desired results. They also come to us when they need subject matter expertise or an external evaluation.

When you’re facing complex challenges, especially if the way you’ve always done things isn’t working as well as it used to, evolving your design and development practices through human-centered innovation can be extremely beneficial. Through our project-based and as-needed consulting services, Smith Assembly solves your pressing problems and improves your product. We also teach you and your team how to fish so to speak, so that your organization can solve future challenges on your own after our engagement ends. Smith Assembly guides the execution of your product and shows you more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable approaches to product design and development. We give you and your team the real-time feedback, recommendations, and support you need to feel confident your product will succeed and have the desired impact.

* Products are physical or digital goods and/or services that an organization sells to its customers.


We Solve Problems Like…

  • Key performance indicators or social/environmental impact metrics are below targets
  • Engagement or ratings from a specific group of customers is lower than anticipated
  • Feedback or reviews allude to exclusion or inequity (or engagement is low from customer groups that are non-dominant in the market and/or not proportionally represented in the organization)
  • Support requests have increased or have become more expensive to resolve
  • A board member or prospective investor has asked for reassurances on its release readiness
  • Your team’s knowledge of accessibility, inclusion, usability, equity, and/or sustainability is incomplete or out-of-date


Our Product Consulting Services

Our Project-Based Co-Creation, As-Needed Consultation, and Interim Executive (Fractional CPO/CTO) engagements incrementally build capacity, deliver interim results, and provide meaningful outcomes and impacts. We specialize in working with diverse teams who create offerings for multicultural users in which humans interact with one or more technologies.

We help you…

  • Get unstuck and solve specific problems
  • Troubleshoot cause of issue(s), then brainstorm and identify solution(s)
  • Increase engagement of employees, customers, and communities
  • Turbocharge inclusion and equity initiatives
  • Refresh and deepen subject matter expertise
  • Revolutionize design and development practices and other internal processes
  • Answer questions
  • Research specialized topics
  • Evaluate products (or features of them)


Why Our Clients Choose Smith Assembly

Smith Assembly offers rare expertise in human-centered innovation honed in both the most technologically-advanced and least resourced environments of the world, as well as with renowned global organizations like MIT, Google, Starbucks, frog, and NASA.

We teach our clients how to innovate in an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable way. Our human-centered methodology involves our clients plus their stakeholders, users, and communities. Smith Assembly’s participatory and co-creative approach centers all their experience and knowledge to build exceptional products and programs. By teaching our clients how to fish so to speak, they can continue to drive results long after our engagement ends.


Invaluable Thought Partner

Smith Assembly acted as an invaluable thought partner throughout the development of our first-ever Building Your Circular Strategy workshop series. Along with the hard knowledge upgrade they provided for our curriculum, we benefitted from their clear depth of knowledge and ability to sense, identify and communicate around our unseen gaps in our teaching methods.

Emily McGill, Collaboration Strategist
    Textile Lab for Circularity

Textile Lab for Circularity Case Study