30 Smells, Tastes, & Sights Of Oaxaca

Written By Ta Corrales

Published April 1, 2021

a collage of 15 tastes, sights, and smells from oaxaca including nieves, regional candies, santo domingo, agave, and coffee

At Smith Assembly, we believe in the power of multi-sensory experiences. Not only do we design our workshops to be multi-sensorial, but we also regularly try to engage the senses during our internal co-design work.

We wish we could instantaneously transport you to Oaxaca. Since that’s not yet possible, we asked Enoc and Estrella to map the sights, tastes, and smells that the region evokes for them so we could share it with you.

As you read each item in these lists, take a brief moment to imagine experiencing it in real-life. Enjoy your multi-sensory "trip" to Oaxaca México!


  1. sea salt
  2. lilies
  3. a market’s meat aisle
  4. coffee
  5. burnt agave
  6. wet soil
  7. hot chocolate
  8. yolk bread
  9. marigold flowers
  10. chicken soup


  1. tamarinds
  2. plums
  3. mangoes
  4. totopos
  5. mezcal
  6. quesillo
  7. tamales
  8. black mole
  9. nieves
  10. regional candies


  1. San Mateo del Mar’s Live Sea
  2. San Mateo del Mar’s Dead Sea
  3. pink quarry arch of Suchilquitongo
  4. maize fields of Suchilquitongo
  5. Yagul
  6. Hierve el Agua
  7. Santo Domingo
  8. La Guelaguetza
  9. Monte Albán
  10. Valle de Tlacolula