4+ Ideas To Commemorate Latin American Heritage Month

Written By Ta Corrales

Published September 17, 2021

a collage of photos - eight people of different ethnicities stacking their hands in the center of a circle; a door to a business with a 'come in we're open' sign; a black man sitting on a bench outdoors listening to a podcast; a white woman sitting on the floor of her living room watching a virtual event via her laptop

Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month is celebrated September 15th though October 15th in the US, and October 1st through October 31 in Canada. These 6 weeks are in commemoration and recognition of the contributions of Hispanic American and Latin American communities to the social, economic, and political fabrics of both countries.

It’s a special time for us at Smith Assembly because we’re Latinx-owned, and also because we co-designed our first inclusion training workshops with two grassroots innovators from Oaxaca Mexico, Enoc Ramírez and Estrella Soto.

In this post, we want to share ideas for how you could pay tribute to this commemoration.

1. Debunk your myths about people of Latin American heritage

Did you know Latin Americans are Afro-Latinx, Asian, and dozens of different races and ethnicities? Or that not all Latin Americans speak Spanish, instead speaking Aymara, Garifuna, or dozens of other languages? Try thinking of a generalization, and then do some online research to try to debunk it. You could also exchange debunked myths with your colleagues or friends. If you need some inspiration to get started, check-out this list from Encuentro Latino.

2. Support your local Latinx-owned businesses

Looking for a gift for a friend? Or maybe a special book? One of the best ways to support the Latinx community is by supporting the businesses they own. This has become even more important since the global pandemic began, as Latino businesses have been hit especially hard*1*. This September and October, you could become an ally by intentionally choosing to shop at these businesses. If you’re wondering where to find them, contact the nearest Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

3. Participate in virtual events honoring this commemoration

Would you prefer to commemorate safely from your home while wearing pajamas? In the zoom era we now live in, there are a plethora of online events happening every week — everything from celebrations of Latinx artists to sessions about the history of Latinx people in the United States and Canada. Block your calendar, open your mind to learning, and participate in one of these events. Special tip: order take-out from a Latinx-owned restaurant so you can enjoy delicious food during the virtual event. Here’s a collection of events to get you started.

4. Listen to amazing podcasts covering Latin matters by Latinx people

Do you like to start your mornings or wind down in the afternoons screen-free? Go to your favorite podcast platform, and check out podcasts recommended for Latin American and Hispanic Heritage Month. If you want one from us, we highly recommend Tamarindo.

5. Connect with your colleagues while doing a hands-on activity designed by Latinx innovators

Are you looking for hands-on and cross-cultural activities to do with your colleagues and teammates? Please consider scheduling one of our workshops. In them, Enoc Ramírez and Estrella Soto share their perspectives on work, family, culture, and other topics in a unique multimedia virtual experience.

Want even more ideas?

Over the next six weeks, we’re hosting a free 30-min webinar to commemorate Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month. Register using one of the following links.

We hope to see you there!